Have Customs or TSA Officials Searched or Confiscated Your Phone, Laptop, or Tablet?

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Jan. 8, 2018

Government demands to search travelers’ devices are on the rise.

Every year, millions of travelers pass through our airports and international borders. The government is increasingly searching the smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices of travelers passing through these ports. These searches raise serious constitutional concerns.

Our devices today contain very sensitive information. However, the government takes the misguided position that we forfeit our right to keep our information secure when we travel through borders and airports. We know that Customs and Border Protection routinely searches international travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and tablets — often without any suspicion of wrongdoing. We also believe TSA has been searching the electronic devices of domestic passengers without individualized suspicion.

Has this happened to you?

The ACLU of California wants to hear from you if the government has searched or confiscated your device at any domestic or international airport or international border crossing in California. Here’s a PDF with our contact information and tips on how to secure your digital data before travelling.

Contact the ACLU

  • For complaints related to any Southern California airport, please call (213) 977-5253 or contact the ACLU of Southern California online.
  • For complaints related to any Northern California airport, please call (415) 621-2488 or contact the ACLU of Northern California online.
  • For complaints related to any land Port of Entry from Mexico to California or San Diego International Airport (SAN), please call 619-232-2121, ext. 67 or contact the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial County online.

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