#MySchoolMyRights - Know Your Rights

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Reginald Quartey #MySchoolMyRights

As a student, you have rights at school.

But one in five high school students do NOT graduate in four years.

Stop the pushout of California students and STAND UP for your RIGHTS!

I have a right to an education and I want to learn.
—Reginald Quartey, age 16, Oakland

Know your rights!

ALL California students have rights when it comes to:

File a complaint

Learn more


Speak up. Educate. Share these graphics on social media.

I have a right to refuse a search conducted by my school or by police officers in my school. Teen mom in a graduation cap. I have a right to be out at school and to keep my LGBTQ identity private. William Pleasant, age 17, Fresno Reginae Hightower, age 15, Oakland You have the right to an expulsion hearing.

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