ACLU-NC Invited to White House Summit on Cybersecurity & Consumer Protection

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White House summit

Watch the Summit LIVE! on Friday, Feb. 13

Nicole A. Ozer, ACLU of Northern California's Technology & Civil Liberties Policy Director was invited to a full-day White House Summit for our work on issues of digital censorship and consumer privacy in the technology sector. Californians shouldn't have to choose between using new technology and keeping our personal lives private.

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Stanford University
Stanford, CA

The Summit will feature remarks by President Obama and bring together major stakeholders on cybersecurity and consumer protection issues to help shape public and private sector efforts to protect American consumers and companies from growing threats to consumers and commercial networks.

From increasing cybersecurity information sharing to improving adoption of more secure payment technologies, here’s a look at the topics that panels at the Summit will address:

  • Public-Private Collaboration on Cybersecurity
  • Improving Cybersecurity Practices at Consumer-Oriented Businesses and Organizations
  • Promoting More Secure Payment Technologies
  • Cybersecurity Information Sharing
  • International Law Enforcement Cooperation on Cybersecurity
  • Improving Authentication: Moving Beyond the Password
  • Chief Security Officers’ Perspectives: New Ideas on Technical Security 

Watch it live

Watch the livestream here on Feb. 13.

More info about the Summit is available at

(S)ince this is a challenge that we can only meet together, I’m announcing that next month we’ll convene a White House summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection. It’s a White House summit where we're not going to do it at the White House; we're going to go to Stanford University. And it’s going to bring everybody together — industry, tech companies, law enforcement, consumer and privacy advocates, law professors who are specialists in the field, as well as students — to make sure that we work through these issues in a public, transparent fashion.

— President Obama, January 13, 2015

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