Building Our Future: Criminal Justice Reform Webinar

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The Future is Ours to Build

2017 was a hard year. But in a thousand ways, big and small, you showed up. You loved, you learned, you resisted – and you cleared the way for a better year in 2018. We've got to remember that the future is ours to build. And this year, local action in California will have a huge impact.

Despite wide-spread knowledge that rehabilitation and treatment, rather than punishment, help keep people accountable and increase community safety, Trump’s continued fear tactics have ignited a sense of insecurity. California is at risk of rolling back some of its most effective criminal justice policies. Come learn what you can do to ensure that California takes the lead in having research-based, restorative criminal justice policies that address our communities’ needs. In this webinar, we’ll set you up with the skills you need to advocate for local initiatives that truly promote public safety and healthy communities.


The ACLU's Trainings for Changemakers series covers skills that you can use for advocacy and activism. Our workshops and webinars will teach you new ways to support California legislation and other types of local ACLU organizing.

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