Davis: Bail Reform Film Screening & Discussion

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Bail Trap

Join the ACLU in Davis, California for a free film screening and discussion on money bail and what we can do to replace this broken system in California.

Are you aware that Black people, Latinos, and Native Americans are twice as likely to be stuck in jail because they can't afford bail? The U.S. money bail system is largely to blame for over-crowded jails across the nation. 70 percent of people are incarcerated for one simple reason: being too poor.

Unscrupulous bail bonds contracts allow private corporations to make exorbitant profits off of people living in poverty. While people with access to wealth can buy their freedom, poor people have weeks, months, and even years of their lives taken away from them.

This isn’t justice. Race or socio-economic status should not determine whether someone is free or in jail while they await their trial.

Come and see "The Bail Trap" with us in Davis! California needs bail reform now.

For more information about the event, email acluyolocounty@gmail.com, call Natalie at (530) 756-1900, or visit www.facebook.com/acluyolocounty.

Friends Meeting of Davis
345 L Street
Davis, CA

This event is presented by the ACLU Yolo County Chapter and Brave New Films.

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