San Francisco: Be Bold Road Trip for Reproductive Justice

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Shocked at the Supreme Court's decisions against birth control coverage and buffer zones? Frustrated with states meddling with abortion? Tired of watching politicians interfere with your personal health decisions? Join us on the Be Bold Road Trip! Let's unite to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage to low income women.

Volunteers will be collecting signatures in support of paid sick leave bill, AB 1522, as part of the All* Above All Be Bold Road Trip Bus Tour. This national tour is about building support for restoring and sustaining abortion coverage for low-income women and their families. Because reproductive justice is about more than having the right to abortion care, the All* Above All tour is also highlighting other important issues, such as paid sick leave. We are excited to partner with All* Above All and our friends in the labor movement to highlight this as a pressing reproductive justice issue in California.

Justin Herman Plaza
San Francisco, CA

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