California State Capitol

Legislative Advocacy

The ACLU’s legislative work at the state and federal level protects and advances civil liberties. Our team of legislative advocates fight for your rights in Sacramento and Washington DC. In Sacramento, our legislative advocates and staff at the ACLU of California Center for Advocacy & Policy collaborate with other organizations and lawmakers to draft bills, coordinate with ACLU supporters, impacted communities, and coalition partners to lobby legislators, testify in support of bills, seek support from other groups, draft fact sheets and sample support letters, and provide communications and media support.


Dorsey Nunn
Individual holding vote sticker
SB 72 will expand Election Day Registration to every polling site in California to make sure that any eligible Californian who wants to exercise their right to vote on Election Day can do so.Read more »
Young adults with face recognition technology
Gavel with bills
SB 144 will eliminate these fees and make sure California stops using the criminal justice system to generate revenue on the backs of California’s most vulnerable families.Read more »
AB 1760, Privacy for All, makes critical improvements to the law—that Californians overwhelmingly support—and ensures that privacy is a right we can all exercise in California, regardless of what we look like or how much money we have in our bank... Read more »