Katherine Lin

Litigation Fellow
Katherine Lin

Katherine Lin is a Litigation Fellow at the ACLU of Northern California.  Katherine works on a variety of issues including criminal justice and economic justice.  

Her work includes being counsel on Phillips v. State of California, a challenge to the systematic denial of Fresno County indigent defendant system.  She has also worked on Rubicon Programs v. Solano County Superior Court and Hernandez v. California DMV, cases challenging the practice of suspending driver’s licenses of indigent individuals. 

Prior to joining the ACLU-NC, Katherine was a judicial clerk for Judge Dorothy W. Nelson on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Before that she was an associate at WilmerHale.

Katherine is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Northwestern University.  As a member of the Stanford Criminal Defense Clinic, Katherine tried a criminal case in Santa Clara Superior Court, achieving a hung jury and later dismissal of the most serious count against the client.  Katherine also interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York.  At Stanford, she assisted in the editing and research for the book What Women Want by Professor Deborah Rhode.