Kendra Fox-Davis

Legal-Policy Department Manager & Attorney
Kendra Fox-Davis Headshot

Kendra Fox-Davis is the Legal-Policy Department Manager & Attorney at the ACLU of Northern California. In this capacity, Kendra manages the Legal-Policy Department; she also provides leadership and infrastructure to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of the ACLU-NC’s litigation and policy teams.

Prior to joining the ACLU, Kendra was a Supervising Attorney at the U.S. Department of Education in the Office for Civil Rights, where she led federal civil rights investigations in public schools and postsecondary institutions to protect students from harassment and discrimination based on race, sex, gender, and disability. Before that, Kendra was a Staff Attorney and Thurgood Marshall Fellow at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, where her work focused on litigation and advocacy on behalf of African-American students and families.

Kendra has also worked to advance the rights of communities of color and young people through grassroots organizing and policy advocacy, serving as the Training Director of the Center for Third World Organizing and N.A.A.C.P. National Voter Fund, and as President of the United States Student Association.

Kendra is a graduate of UCLA School of Law, where she specialized in Critical Race Studies and Public Interest Law and Policy.

Kendra enjoys spending time in her hometown of Oakland, California, watching HGTV, and being inspired by the magic of Beyoncé.