Greyhound: Protect Riders and Stop Enabling Deportations!

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Greyhound Stop Throwing Our Rights Under the Bus

As part of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to ramp up enforcement activities far away from the border — and found themselves a willing partner in Greyhound.

With Greyhound drivers' permission, agents board Greyhound buses without any suspicion and detain passengers — especially those with brown skin or a foreign accent — until they answer questions about their citizenship and show their documents.

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ACLU affiliates in California, New York, Texas, Washington, Vermont, New Hampshire, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, and Maine are calling on Greyhound to stop enabling CBP's violation of people's constitutional rights. In this country, we are all free to ride the bus without having to prove our citizenship and without fear that immigration agents will interrogate and arrest us based on the color of our skin.

Greyhound maintains that it's legally required to let Border Patrol board its buses, but it is not. The Fourth Amendment prevents government agents from entering private property without consent or a warrant, and it protects everyone on U.S. soil from being detained or searched without cause. Greyhound can and should withhold consent to protect its passenger’s constitutional rights.

Join us: sign this petition asking Greyhound to protect its riders and stop enabling deportations!