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Technology and Civil Liberties

The ACLU of Northern California safeguards civil liberties in the digital world. As technology advances, we make sure that protections for privacy and free speech aren’t left behind. We push back on digital censorship and government surveillance.

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Senator Joe Simitian introduced four RFID bills into the California legislature: SB 30 - Identity Information Protection Act of 2007- privacy and security protections on the use of RFID tags in all California government-issued identification... Read more
Video Surveillance: Stop Expansion of Video Surveillance Cameras at 16th and Mission Do you live, work, or walk around 16th and Mission? If you don't let the Police Commission know that you do not want public video cameras put up that will monitor... Read more
Very disappointing news – despite strong support from up and down the state and across the aisle and thousands of letters sent by constituents, the Governor vetoed the RFID bill. GOVERNOR VETOES RFID PRIVACY MEASURE; SIMITIAN CALLS VETO A "... Read more
Welcome to Bytes and Pieces, the new blog for the Technology and Civil Liberties Program. I hope that you will be a frequent visitor to this spot to keep up to date on all the latest news and activities on privacy, free speech, and new technology... Read more
The State of Surveillance: Government Monitoring of Political Activity in Northern and Central California