Free Speech

Free Speech

Our support of the Bill of Rights and the first amendment right to free speech is unequivocal. This includes challenging activities or actions that seek to curtail, limit or erase the free speech of others. However, we reserve the right to exercise our free speech by critiquing the speech of others, such as hateful speech, that is contrary to our core values, which support liberty and justice for all.

SFPD photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

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"I can't breathe" t-shirt

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Michael T. Risher

Your free speech rights at demonstrations and protests. Know Your Rights

UC Davis students at press conference

$1M settlement for pepper-sprayed UC Davis students. Read more

January 2017 - SFO protest by Rachael Herron
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The following Op-Ed by Alan Schlosser and Diana Tate Vermeire was originally published in the Daily Californian on Friday, February 10. Last week, free speech suffered a blow when force and intimidation by some protesters prompted the University of... Read more
We the People
Protesters at SFO hold signs speaking out against the Muslim ban
Signs at SFO protest read "No Ban"
People protest against Trump's Muslim ban at the airport
Donald Trump
Abdi Soltani - photo by Jason Doiy