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In honor of the struggle that led to the ratification of the 14th Amendment 150 years ago, we ask you to join us in speaking up for the principles that undergird our freedom and equality.

It's time to #Powerthe14th.

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Meet the
People who #Powerthe14th

We can each be the power to protect the principles of the 14th Amendment. Here are four profiles of people doing just that in Northern California. Read more

Zahra Billoo by Bethanie Hines
Zahra Billoo

Council on American Islamic Relations
San Francisco Bay Area Office

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Dorsey Nunn by Bethanie Hines
Dorsey Nunn

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Oakland, CA

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Tirien Steinbach by Bethanie Hines
Tirien Steinbach

East Bay Community Law Center
Berkeley, CA

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Amy Cordalis by Kate Donadson Photography
Amy Cordalis

Yurok Tribe General Counsel
Klamath, CA

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Video #Powerthe14th: History Speaks

Their struggle to end slavery guaranteed our freedoms. Protect the 14th Amendment. Equal protection for all - citizen and non-citizen alike. Be the power behind the 14th Amendment. Don't let Trump take it away!

Video #Powerthe14th: Youth Speaks

Award winning Youth Radio explores the meaning of the 14th Amendment to young audiences and begs the question: How can You Power the 14th?

In the News

The 14th Amendment is always in the backdrop whenever the issues of civil rights, citizenship, equality, and freedom are being reported about in the courts, in our communities, or in our country. But the 150th anniversary of the 14th Amendment is a time put it in the forefront: to learn of the struggle to secure it, its history and resurgence, its impact on our rights today, and the current threats to our rights. Here are a few of the articles and columns putting the 14th Amendment in the forefront:

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The New York Times Editorial:
America Started Over Once. Can We Do It Again?

In a beautiful editorial, the NYT reminds us that the 13th, 14th, and 15th, Amendments together represent “a radical recommitment to our first and highest principles. They outlawed slavery, made the newly freed slaves American citizens and guaranteed their right to vote.” Read more

San Francisco Chronicle: Celebrate Equal Protection this July 4th

We the people have to be the champions of equal citizenship, due process and equal protection for all people. We need to hold the federal government accountable by voting, speaking up and fighting back. Read more

McSweeneys: Celebrate the Ninth of July

Executive Director of the ACLU of Northern California reminds us that it is the people’s duty to hold the federal government accountable. “No matter who makes up the courts, we need to make our case to the judiciary, and never give up an inch.” Read more

It's Time to #Powerthe14th

Whether you realize it or not, July 9, 1868 was a day that changed your life and ours. Why? Because it was the day that the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified. Our collective rights today are rooted in the 13th Amendment, the movement to abolish slavery—and the 14th Amendment that soon followed. Read more

No Peace Without Justice

On the 150th Anniversary of the 14th Amendment, we're talking about a promise of equality that was bookended by violence. Although indisputable legal and social progress has been made since this defined period of lynching, it is crystal clear that the current resurgence... Read more

In Conversation: A dialogue about the 14th Amendment

The #Powerthe14th campaign is meant to encourage us all to learn and be in conversation with each other about this history, the current threats to our rights, and how we can each be the power behind the 14th Amendment. We hope these conversations happen online, in the news, in our homes, and in our organizations and events. Read more

Power the 14th!

There are a million reasons we should thank the people who brought us the 14th and the people who have fought again and again to secure its full meaning. Here are just 14 of the reasons to start... Read more

Advance Racial Justice
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Immigrants have rights
Support Trans Rights