A photo of a young child holding her mother's hand.

The Indian Child Welfare Act: A Unique Law within a Flawed System

Jul 13, 2023
The U.S. Supreme Court's affirmation of the Indian Child Welfare Act was a landmark victory for tribal sovereignty and Native families. But despite the law's protections, Native and Black children are much more likely to be removed from their homes and placed in foster care. The government must do more to support struggling families and help them stay together. Read More
ACLU of Northern CA

In Re Ex Parte Application of Dr. Fredric Eshelman (anonymous online speech)

Jul 06, 2023
On June 21, 2023, the ACLU Foundation of Northern California (“ACLU NorCal”) and co-counsel Public Citizen Litigation Group filed a motion to quash on behalf of J. Doe (“Doe”), an anonymous online user who was targeted by a subpoena seeking to unmask their identity after they criticized a wealthy pharmaceutical magnate named Fredric Eshelman.  Eshelman filed an ex parte application in fede... Read More
Pass AB 1034


Jun 27, 2023
Body cameras were intended to guard against police misconduct, not to be used as a mass surveillance system that identifies and tracks Californians. For three years, a state law prohibiting body camera face surveillance helped prevent the misidentification and wrongful imprisonment of Californians, safeguarded our freedom of speech, and protected our privacy. But that law expired in January. ... Read More
Searching for reproductive care under police surveillance


Jun 27, 2023
Privacy threats should never stand in the way of our ability make choices about our bodies. But since the repeal of Roe, we have seen anti-abortion states use digital data to prosecute people for having abortions or helping others obtain reproductive and gender-affirming care. In California, police can circumvent privacy protections around sensitive data by seeking "reverse demands." A reverse ... Read More
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The Immigration Detention Grievance System: An Illusion of Justice

Jun 26, 2023
Today we launched the California Immigration Detention Database, a new tool to track grievances that immigrants detained in California detention facilities have filed to seek resolutions to conditions of confinement issues. Through data captured in a publicly available, interactive chart, this database aims to document patterns of abuse in detention, and to serve as an advocacy tool. Read More