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Racial & Economic Justice

The ACLU of Northern California recognizes that race intersects with all of the critical social justice and civil rights issues of our time; that white supremacy and colonial settlerism precede the founding of the United States and continue to have devastating impacts today. One way they play out is through oppressive systems and unjust policies intended to dispossess people of land, educational opportunities, and economic prospects.

The Racial and Economic Justice Program (“REJ”) at the ACLU of Northern California works to repair the current and historic harms wrought by race-based segregation, discrimination, and deprivation of economic and other opportunities. Economic justice is essential to meaningful participation on an individual level and to true freedom and equality on a societal level. The REJ team does this by creating genuine and intentional relationships with impacted communities to deploy resources (e.g., policy implementation, impact litigation, technical assistance) where needed to bring about lasting, systemic change.

Current Issues