ACLU NorCal Executive Director Abdi Soltani speaks at a rally before a hearing at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on the federal injunction barring San Francisco from citing and arresting unhoused people who have no access to shelter.

Ninth Circuit Appears to Reaffirm Civil Rights Protections in Litigation Over San Francisco’s Discriminatory Policing of Unhoused People

Aug 23, 2023
During a hearing on the federal preliminary injunction prohibiting San Francisco from citing and arresting unhoused people who have no access to shelter, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals appeared to reject the city's argument that the injunction prevents San Francisco from maintaining a safe and healthy environment on the streets. The lawsuit, Coalition on Homelessness v. ... Read More
ACLU of Northern CA

Civil Rights, Law Enforcement, and Legal Services Groups Invite San Francisco City Attorney to Discuss Settlement, Refocus City’s Efforts to Improve Homelessness Crisis

Aug 10, 2023
The ACLU of Northern California and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area sent a letter to San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu asking him to discuss settlement terms that would prioritize developing affordable housing, expanding access to temporary shelter, and providing services to help unhoused San Franciscans get off the streets and back on their feet. Read More
Illustrated image of a white police officer using face surveillance on a Black family. It

Progress in the Fight Against Face Surveillance

Aug 08, 2023
For years, ACLU of Northern California has built momentum to ban the use of face surveillance by law enforcement. That’s why we put all our muscle behind a campaign to defeat AB 642, a bill that would have normalized real-time, mass surveillance. Read More