interior of a jail with light orange and dark burgandy overlaid

California Court Rejects the State's Prolonged Detention of People with Psychiatric and Intellectual Disabilities in County Jails

Jun 16, 2021
The California Court of Appeal has ruled that the state’s prolonged detention of people who have been declared incompetent to stand trial due to psychiatric or intellectual disability violates their right to due process. This has profound implications for the thousands of people who languish in county jails every year because they cannot stand trial or pursue their defense without adequate treatme... Read More
A hand is drawing the outline of California and the words "Redistricting for Community Empowerment: A Legal How-To Guide" are written underneath

Redistricting for Community Empowerment: A Legal How-To Guide

May 27, 2021
Redistricting is the process of redrawing the district maps used by political jurisdictions to elect public officials. This process takes place every ten years following each decennial census and affects all government bodies that use district elections including the U.S. House of Representatives, state legislatures, county boards of supervisors, city councils, and school boards. This year, hundre... Read More
Crowd rallies for George Floyd on the day of Derek Chauvin's murder trial

In George Floyd's Name, the Fight for Justice Marches On

May 25, 2021
We must continue the fight to ensure that Floyd’s death has not been in vain. We renew our commitment to overhauling the role of policing in American society—in the memory of Floyd, and in the memory of the incalculable other Black lives lost to police violence. Read More
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California's “Equity” Algorithm Could Leave 2 Million Struggling Californians Without Additional Vaccine Supply

May 06, 2021
As most Californians become eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, California is rightly centering equity in distributing doses to communities that have been hardest hit. But our analysis of the state’s most recent plans suggests that the Department of Public Health’s vaccine-distribution algorithm may fall short, leaving millions of the neediest Californians without additional supply. Read More