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The ACLU Foundation of Northern California works with communities to make sure people are informed about their rights. Today, years of hard-fought civil liberty protections are under threat — and to influence lawmakers, we need everyone to get involved. Here’s what you can do.

UC Regent Comment

Religious Restrictions on UC Health Care

Jan 29, 2019
Religious restrictions on health care have no place in our public university system.  But documents from a Public Records Act request reveal that all six UC campuses with medical schools have formed partnerships with Catholic hospitals that explicitly tie the hands of UC providers and require them to comply with religious doctrine rather than evidence-based medicine. Read More
Greyhound Stop Throwing Our Rights Under the Bus

Greyhound: Protect Riders and Stop Enabling Deportations!

Mar 28, 2018
As part of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to ramp up enforcement activities far away from the border — and found themselves a willing partner in Greyhound. With Greyhound drivers' permission, agents board Greyhound buses without any suspicion and detain passengers — especially those with brown skin or a foreign accent — until they... Read More
Surveillance Camera

Take a Stand for Community Control of Police Surveillance

Mar 28, 2018
Donald Trump now has the keys to the surveillance state. He has inherited expansive powers and databases filled with information on millions of people. He has suggested this system could be turned on Muslim Americans and that NSA reforms triggered by Edward Snowden’s disclosures should be rolled back. While government spying is not new, the potential for abuse is greater than ever before. Read More
Freedom Shouldn't Be for Sale Photo

Why Do You Care About Bail Reform?

Mar 28, 2018
Every year, thousands of Californians are jailed before even having their day in court — all because they can't afford to pay bail to buy their freedom. The effects of this unjust money bail system are wide-reaching, tearing apart families and communities across the state. Read More
John Legend

Hey, Meet Your DA!

Aug 23, 2017
John Legend here. When I founded FREEAMERICA, I joined the ACLU and other advocates in the fight to end mass incarceration. That is why I am so excited to help the ACLU of California launch a new campaign focused on the government officials who have the power to end mass incarceration: district attorneys or "DAs" for short. Most people don’t know this, but DAs are more than just prosecutors. Th... Read More
remove slavery symbols

Take Down White Supremacist Symbols in Public Spaces

Aug 01, 2017
As we saw in Charlottesville, white supremacy is pervasive in our country. Color Of Change has launched a strategic and targeted campaign to remove confederate symbols from any place of honor. The ACLU is honored to lend our hand to support Color Of Change in this important effort. Many, including President Trump, have said that removing Confederate statues is erasing our history as American... Read More
trans military ban

Stop Trump's Illegal Ban on Trans People in the Military

Jul 31, 2017
In an early-morning tweetstorm, President Trump announced a shattering new plan to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military. This is unacceptable – and illegal. Trump has no basis for his assertion that the U.S. military is “burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption” because transgender people serve in the military. The cost is almost zero. Disruption, non-existe... Read More
communities of color are not the enemy

Tell the DOJ: Ban Racial Profiling by Police

Dec 04, 2014
There needs to be a shift in the culture of policing in America. A good start would be for our national leaders to come out strongly against excessive force and racial profiling. Urge the DOJ to ban racial profiling by law enforcement today. Read More