Graphic with blue and pink colors. The focal point of the graphic features a rally sign that reads "Say Their Names". To the right is another rally sign reading "Liberty and Justice for ALL".

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The ACLU Foundation of Northern California works with communities to make sure people are informed about their rights. Today, years of hard-fought civil liberty protections are under threat — and to influence lawmakers, we need everyone to get involved. Here’s what you can do.

Doorbell camera on grey wall

SFPD's Surveillance Power Grab

Jul 13, 2022
The San Francisco Police Department wants to create a dangerous, new surveillance program that is unprecedented in city history. It would let SFPD co-opt private cameras owned by businesses, residents, and organizations to conduct sweeping live surveillance. Read More
Aerial Surveillance

Stop Discriminatory, Out-of Control Police Surveillance

Jan 11, 2022
When we took to the streets in 2020, California police recorded us with high-powered surveillance. A year-long investigation by the ACLU of Northern California exposes how California Highway Patrol (CHP) sent out helicopters with surveillance tech to record high-definition video of people protesting for racial justice. Read More
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Stop SFPD's Surveillance of Activists

Mar 05, 2021
After the murder of George Floyd, the San Francisco Police Department illegally spied on thousands of activists as they marched against police racism and violence against Black people. Read More
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Take a Stand for Community Control of Police Surveillance

Mar 28, 2018
Donald Trump now has the keys to the surveillance state. He has inherited expansive powers and databases filled with information on millions of people. He has suggested this system could be turned on Muslim Americans and that NSA reforms triggered by Edward Snowden’s disclosures should be rolled back. While government spying is not new, the potential for abuse is greater than ever before. Read More
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Why Do You Care About Bail Reform?

Mar 28, 2018
Every year, thousands of Californians are jailed before even having their day in court — all because they can't afford to pay bail to buy their freedom. The effects of this unjust money bail system are wide-reaching, tearing apart families and communities across the state. Read More
John Legend

Hey, Meet Your DA!

Aug 23, 2017
John Legend here. When I founded FREEAMERICA, I joined the ACLU and other advocates in the fight to end mass incarceration. That is why I am so excited to help the ACLU of California launch a new campaign focused on the government officials who have the power to end mass incarceration: district attorneys or "DAs" for short. Most people don’t know this, but DAs are more than just prosecutors. Th... Read More