A woman with a loudhorn is laid over the screen of a laptop. There is a yellow circle on the screen and behind the woman. Various news clippings of tech and civil liberties issues are featured throughout the background of the image.

Technology & Civil Liberties

The Technology and Civil Liberties Program at the ACLU of Northern California fights for social justice in the digital age. We work to ensure that technology serves the people instead of the interests of the powerful and privileged. Find out more about our work to build a just digital age, stop high-tech government surveillance, strengthen privacy and corporate accountability, and protect and promote digital rights.

Our movements for civil rights and social justice are as critical today as ever – but now that we live in a digital world and rely on technology to communicate, connect, mobilize, and access basic necessities – we must fight on new terrain.

We lead cutting-edge intersectional advocacy in our courts, our communities, and with companies and legislatures, working with partners across movements to build a world where technology enriches our lives, connects us with opportunities, and supports a just and equitable society.

Current Issues