Local, State, and National Advocacy Organizations Write to Congress – Strongly Oppose APRA’s Approach to Preemption

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Last week, over 50 organizations wrote to Congress to warn of the dangers of including broad preemption in the pending federal privacy bill, the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA). The letter strongly urges Congress to set the federal standard as a national floor for privacy protections — not a ceiling. States must continue to be allowed to provide stronger privacy protections than what is included in the APRA.

The letter emphasizes how:

  • APRA’s Preemptive Effect Could Be Sweeping, With Unpredictable Consequences
  • The APRA Could Block Important Future State and Local Responses to New and Emerging Harms
  • The APRA Could Eviscerate Numerous Existing Stronger State and Local Protections for Privacy

The full letter is available at this link: https://www.aclu.org/documents/aclu-affiliates-lead-coalition-letter-with-local-state-and-national-advocacy-organizations-raising-concerns-about-apras-approach-to-preemption





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