Spying on Sacramento Crowd

Fighting High-Tech Government Surveillance

We expose and stop high-tech government surveillance.

We use integrated advocacy strategies – including legislative advocacy, litigation, corporate campaigns, and more -- to expose and stop high-tech government surveillance. Surveillance is not safety in our communities. High tech surveillance expands the government’s power to threaten and harm people’s lives and tries to further entrench and exacerbate unjust systems and undermine movements for justice.

We partner with impacted communities and grassroots organizations to build effective legislative and advocacy campaigns to change the law and public policy. We use public records laws to expose secret surveillance practices and partnerships between police and technology companies. We build corporate campaigns to force policy changes from the world’s largest technology companies. And we file groundbreaking lawsuits to enforce and expand legal protections against high-tech surveillance.

State Advocacy to Stop Surveillance

National Movement to Stop Face Surveillance

Corporate Advocacy

Setting Precedent: Challenging Government Surveillance and Secrecy in Court

Passing Landmark Laws to Stop Surveillance

Know Your Rights
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