Building a Just Digital Age

In a digital world, our civil rights movements are fighting for justice and equality on new terrain. For many of us – especially BIPOC communities, immigrants, and other marginalized people – our lives are increasingly shaped by the way technology is built and used.

Technology can enrich our lives and empower our communities. But right now, Big Tech and government are too often wielding the latest technologies to prop up oppressive systems and preserve their power. We see the results all around us – from invasive surveillance tech that fuels racist systems of policing, mass incarceration, and immigration, to biased algorithms and inhumane business models that prioritize profit over people’s lives, health, and safety.

While everyday people are coming together to demand a truly just and equitable future for this country, Big Tech and government often align as a well-funded surveillance lobby to try to suppress local laws that reimagine public safety, undermine state laws on privacy and policing, and push weak federal laws that do nothing to actually protect people.

Grassroots movements for justice are turning the tide. Across the country, people are defending our communities and our democracy and reclaiming our right to determine the role technology plays in our lives and our future. Together, we can harness the power of technology to free our communities, nurture our connections, and create equity and justice for all.

Learn more about intersectional Technology and Civil Liberties work and join us in building a just digital age. As a first step, sign the petition: “Stop Discriminatory, Out-of Control Police Surveillance” to make sure your voice is heard and push our lawmakers to be the right side of history.