An illustration of a woman kneeling on the left. On the right text reads, "Collusion in California's Central Valley" The Case for Ending Sheriff Entanglement with ICE

Collusion in California's Central Valley: The Case for Ending Sheriff Entanglement with ICE

Feb 09, 2022
Over the past decade, the California Legislature enacted a trio of critical laws intended to protect people from collusion between state and local law enforcement agencies and agencies engaged in immigration enforcement. Certain sheriffs and local law enforcement agencies, however, have circumvented these laws and undermined the protections envisioned for California immigrants — at times in consul... Read More
ACLU of Northern CA

A Look Back at 1968

Jan 18, 2022
1968 was a year that shook the nation and left indelible marks that remain today. How far have we come? Where are we going? Read More