Applying for a California Driver's License Under AB 60

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Updated: July 2016

How do I apply for a license?

As of January 2015, eligible California residents can receive a driver’s license, regardless of their immigration status. An applicant who does not have proof of lawful presence will receive an AB 60 license, which will have a visible distinguishing feature. Licenses are will only be available from the DMV. DO NOT pay anyone for a license.

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What can I do to prepare?

You should gather documents to prove your identity and that you live in California. See below for more information.

Importantly, you should begin studying for the test. Here are some helpful resources:

Identity and residency documents

You will have to prove your identity and California residency to the DMV using a combination of documents. The DMV just released the list of documents that will be accepted to prove identity and residency. Click here to view the requirements. You should begin gathering your documents now.

A current foreign passport and consular ID, or an expired foreign passport and foreign birth certificate (translated by the consulate) can be used to prove your identity. If you do not have a consular ID or passport but can obtain one from your Consulate, you should do that now. Some Consulate offices may take a significant amount of time to issue these documents.

You must also establish your California residency with one of the following documents: a lease, utility bill, tax return, medical record, record of a financial institution, or school records. If you do not have residency documents in your name, you should transfer a utility bill or other similar document into your name (note that the applicant will be allowed to use documents under the spouse’s name as proof of residency, but not others in shared residences). 

If you don’t have these documents, you can bring one of several other documents and a DMV employee will interview you to ensure that your documents are authentic and match your identity.

Application form and fee

Fill out the DL-44 license application. If you have been issued a valid social security number by the Social Security Administration, you should enter it on the form.  If you have never been issued a social security number, you should check the box on the application that indicates this. Do not use a false social security number or one that was not issued to you by the Social Security Administration. If you are not a United States Citizen, do not complete the voter registration form. Pay the $33 application fee.


Every applicant must demonstrate his or her knowledge of California driving rules and the ability to drive safely. You must pass a rules of road test on day you apply for your license. This can be administered as a written or oral test, in multiple different languages. You must also pass a road test, in which you must demonstrate the ability to drive safely. Here are some useful links:

After you get your driver's license

Remember that everyone has rights - regardless of your immigration status. Learn more about your rights with an AB 60 license and inform yourself about consumer issues for AB 60 license holders.

How can I get involved?

The details of the application process are still being decided, including which documents will be accepted to prove identity and residency, and how the license will look. Your voice matters! To get involved, contact us at and join the Drive CA Coalition.

You can also get more information at

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