Contested DA and Sheriff Races in California

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DAs and Sheriffs report to you

A great deal of power and responsibility lies in the hands of District Attorneys and Sheriffs. Now is the time to exercise your power to select, endorse, and vote for District Attorney and Sheriff candidates that speak for you and your community.

Below is a list of contested races in California. If your county is not listed here, the race is uncontested. (Note: San Francisco does not have a DA or Sheriff race in June, and Los Angeles does not have a DA race in June.)

Select your county below to see contested races and learn more about each candidate.


Sheriff candidates

Gary Kuntz (facebook)

Pat Garrahan (web) (facebook)


Sheriff candidates

Joe Garofalo (web) (facebook)

Gary Teragawa (web) (facebook)

El Dorado

District Attorney candidates

Vern Pierson

Judson Henry (facebook)


District Attorney candidates

Elizabeth Egan (web)

Lisa Smittcamp Sondergaard (web) (facebook)


District Attorney candidates

Arnie Klein (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Elan Firpo (web) (facebook)

Margaret Fleming (web) (facebook)

Allan Dollison (web) (facebook)


Sheriff candidates

Raymond Loera

Rick Macken (web) (facebook)


District Attorney candidates

Dave Evans (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Stacey Montgomery (web) (facebook)

Los Angeles

Sheriff candidates

Lou Vince (web) (facebook)

Bob Olmsted (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Paul Tanaka (web) (facebook) (twitter

Patrick Gomez (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Jim McDonnell (web) (facebook)

Jim Hellmond (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Todd Rogers (web) (facebook) (twitter)


District Attorney candidates

Michael Keitz (web

David Linn (web)

Miranda Neal (web)

Sheriff candidates

Jay Varney (web) (facebook)

Michael Salvador (web) (twitter)

Dennis Fairbanks (web) (facebook)

Michael Kime (web)

Greg Noll (web)

Frank Gauthier (web)


Sheriff candidates

Vern Warnke (facebook) (twitter)

Jim Soria (facebook)

Frank Swiggart (web) (facebook)

Rich Howard (web) (facebook)

Pat Lunney (web) (facebook)


Sheriff candidates

Mike Poindexter

Ken Barnes (web)


Sheriff candidates

Ralph Obenberger (web)

Ingrid Braun (web) (facebook)


Sheriff candidates

Scott Miller

Mike Richards (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Steve Bernal (web) (facebook)

Fred Garcia (facebook)


District Attorney candidates

Gary Lieberstein (web) (facebook)

Tom Kensok (web) (facebook)

Doug Pharr (web) (facebook)

Sheriff candidates

John Robertson (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Brian Banducci


District Attorney candidates

Tony Rackauckas (twitter)

Greg Diamond


District Attorney candidates

Paul Zellerbach (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Mike Hestrin (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Sheriff candidates

Stanley Sniff (facebook)

Chad Bianco (web) (facebook) (twitter)


District Attorney candidates

Anne Marie Schubert (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Maggy Krell (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Todd Leras (web) (facebook)

San Bernardino

District Attorney candidates

Michael A. Ramos (web) (twitter)

Grover Merritt

Robert D. Conaway

Sheriff candidates

Jon McMahon (web) (facebook)

Paul Schrader (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Clinton L. Harris 

San Diego

District Attorney candidates

Bonnie Dumanis (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Robert Brewer (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Terri Wyatt (web) (facebook) (twitter)

San Joaquin

District Attorney candidates

Tori Verber-Salazar (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Gary Hickey

Sheriff candidates

Steve Moore (web)

Patrick Withrow (web) (facebook) (twitter)

San Luis Obispo

District Attorney candidates

Dan Dow (web) (facebook)

Tim Covello (web) (facebook)

Santa Barbara

Sheriff candidates

Bill Brown (web) (facebook)

Sandra Brown (web) (facebook)

Santa Clara

Sheriff candidates

Laurie Smith (web) (facebook)

Kevin Jensen (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Santa Cruz

Sheriff candidates

Roger Wildey

Robert J. Pursley, Jr.

Jim Hart (web)


Sheriff candidates

John Evans

Derek Beverly (web)

Tim Standley


District Attorney candidates

Donald A. du Bain (web) (facebook)

Krishna Abrams (web) (facebook) (twitter)


District Attorney candidates

Jill Ravitch (web) (facebook)

Victoria Shanahan (web) (facebook)


District Attorney candidates

Birgit Fladager (web) (facebook)

Frank Carson

Sheriff candidates

Adam Christianson (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Tom Letras (web) (facebook) (twitter)


District Attorney candidates

Jana D. McClung

Jennifer Dupre (web) (facebook) (twitter

Amanda Hopper (web) (facebook)

Kulvinder Singh (web)


District Attorney candidates

Gregg Cohen (web)

Larry Olsen (web)


District Attorney candidates

Tim Ward (web) (facebook)

Ralph Kaelble (web) (facebook) (twitter)

Sheriff candidates

Mike Boudreaux (web) (facebook)

Dave Waley (web) (facebook)

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