California RFID bill is back!!

Dec 06, 2006
Nicole A. Ozer

Page Media

ACLU of Northern CA

Senator Joe Simitian introduced four RFID bills into the California legislature:

SB 30 - Identity Information Protection Act of 2007- privacy and security protections on the use of RFID tags in all California government-issued identification documents.

SB 28 – Prohibition of RFID tags in California driver's licenses.

SB 29 – Prohibition of RFID tags for the purpose of taking attendance in public schools.

SB 31 – Prohibition of reading (and attempted reading) of government documents using radio waves

Here's the link to the California bill tracker to read the bills

Other RFID news:

Recent research has revealed security flaws in RFID-embedded credit cards. You can also read about it here.

Apparently, customers are also receiving RFID embedded ATM cards and some are expressing concerns to their companies.

Privacy and Security Implications of RFID Ipod/Nike devices.

The White House Privacy and Civil Liberties Board, which was formed 2 years ago, finally had its first meeting.