Detention for Long Hair?

Dec 11, 2015
Abdi Soltani

Page Media

Never has it been more important for students to know their rights, especially in the face of increasing police presence in our schools.

Look no further than what happened in Columbia, South Carolina last month, where video footage showed a school officer grabbing a student from her desk and throwing her to the ground.

Introducing our newest campaign: My School, My Rights!

This story is what we're about:

I received over six hours of detention, served three in-school suspensions, and was constantly harassed at the end of my junior year of high school just for the length of my hair. My school district had a rule against boys having long hair. I knew the rule was unfair. My fellow students knew it was unfair. But it didn’t matter because we were powerless. Or at least that’s what I thought.

– William Pleasant, Fresno County

Reginae Hightower Berkeley High School student walk out Rochelle Hamilton
Students have RIGHTS around suspensions, expulsions, and involuntary transfers. Students have the RIGHT to express their opinion at school. Students have the RIGHT to be gender non-conforming at school.

Students shouldn't be made to feel powerless. My School, My Rights is a valuable online resource – one we hope you'll share with your friends, family, and anyone in your life who you think could benefit.

Thank you for your help launching the My School, My Rights campaign – by sharing this information with every student in your life.