Final Real ID Regulations: DHS Kicks the Problems Down the Road

Jan 11, 2008
Nicole A. Ozer

Page Media

ACLU of Northern CA

The Department of Homeland Security today issued its final regulations for the implementation of the Real ID Act, the plan to create a national identity card system, which Congress passed in May 2005 with little debate as an attachment to the tsunami and Iraq War appropriations bill.

In its new REAL ID regulations, DHS does not resolve any of the threats the law poses to California's privacy, freedoms and pocketbooks. It just provides a much longer timeline to implement the fundamentally flawed plan (2017 for some provisions).

The Real ID Act contains so many threats to our privacy and pocketbooks that 17 states have already passed legislation critical of it. California should join other states in rejecting the Real ID Act .

In March, California Senate President pro Tem Don Perata issued a statement discussing his concerns with Real ID.

The ACLU is still analyzing the final Real ID regulations. But, check out the National ACLU Real ID website for much more information about the Real ID Act and analysis.