RFID Anti-Skimming Bill Overwhelmingly Passes California State Senate

Feb 05, 2008
Nicole A. Ozer

Page Media

ACLU of Northern CA

SB 31 overwhelmingly passed the California State Senate last week with a vote of 36-3. To read the bill language of SB 31, visit here.

SB 31 makes it illegal for a person to intentionally read or attempt to read an RFID tag in an individual's identification document without their knowledge and prior consent.

Right now, private information on California drivers' licenses is stored on a magnetic stripe on the back of the card and cannot be read without an individual handing over their ID to be swiped through a reader.

But if the government uses tiny computer chips called RFID in government IDs, information can be read off the chip from a distance - through a wallet, a pocket, or a purse, without you ever knowing, and the information could be used for improper tracking or identiity theft.

That is why SB 31 is an important bill to protect your privacy.

For more information about RFID, SB 31, and other RFID bills moving through the California legislature, visit our RFID page.