Senate Subpoenas NSA Spying Documents

Jul 05, 2007
Nicole A. Ozer

Page Media

ACLU of Northern CA

The Senate Judiciary Committee has taken action to finally get out the truth about the administration's domestic spying program. Senator Leahy has issued subpoenas to the White House and the office of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Check out the ACLU's Subpoena Watch webpage, with a checklist of what has been subpoenaed and up-to-date monitoring on what documents have been produced.

"With the issuance of these subpoenas, the Senate Judiciary Committee has proven that working within the law is not only the constitutional option, it is the only option. Hopefully, now, we will begin to get concrete answers as to how and why Americans' rights and privacy were violated. This is the beginning of the end of this administration riding roughshod over our Constitution." – Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office

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