Text reads "Redistricting for Community Empowerment". Underneath that text is a hand holding a pencil drawing an outline of the shape of the state of California

Redistricting for Community Empowerment (2021)

Redistricting is a process that takes place every decade to redraw maps used to elect public officials, such as members of congress, city council members, and school board members. The way district lines are drawn will not only impact who communities have the power to elect, but ultimately their ability to shape the local, state, and federal policies that affect their everyday lives for years to come, from ordinances on local minimum wage and sick days, to policies on affordable housing, how we support people who are unhoused, police accountability and k-12 education.

Below, you can find resources to get involved and help draw lines that represent you and your community!

Training for Change Makers: Redistricting 101

If you weren't able to make it to our Redistricting 101 training session, we got you covered! Bookmark and watch the video of our first training session that covers the basics of the redistricting process and why it matters for our communities.