Oakland: Bail Reform Film Screening & Discussion

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Bail Trap

Join the ACLU in Oakland, California as we facilitate a free film screening and discussion on money bail and what we can do to replace this broken system in California.

Are you aware that Black people, Latinos, and Native Americans are twice as likely to be locked in jail because they can't afford bail? The U.S. money bail system is largely to blame for over-crowded jails across the nation. 70 percent of people are incarcerated in county jail although they are innocent in the eyes of the law.

Unscrupulous bail bond contracts allow private corporations to make exorbitant profits off of people living in poverty. While the rich can buy their freedom, everyone else can have months, and even years of their lives taken away from them without ever being convicted of a crime. The consequences are devastating. People can end up losing their jobs, homes, and even custody of their children.

This isn’t justice. Race or socio-economic status should not determine someone's freedom.

Come and see "The Bail Trap: How We Keep People of Color in the System" with your local ACLU chapter in Oakland. California needs bail reform now.

Laurel Book Store
1423 Broadway
Oakland, CA

Tickets? Registration is requested.

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