ACLU of Northern California Contact Info for SFO, OAK, SJO, or FAT Arrivals Affected by Executive Order

Media Contact:, (415) 621-2493

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The ACLU of Northern California is asking that people who have been expecting visitors to arrive at SFO, OAK, SJO, or FAT from one of the seven countries in yesterday’s executive order – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen – and have not heard from their visitors or have heard that their visitors have arrived and been detained or denied entry to please contact us at one of our two hotlines and leave a message.

SFO, OAK, SJO: 415-621-2488

FAT: 559-374-2766

We will be checking this voicemail regularly. Please leave a message slowly and clearly with contact information for the caller as well as the following information about the visitors if possible:

  • Name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Country of citizenship;
  • Form of visa or entry authorization;
  • Date and time of arrival; and
  • Flight number and airline.

In addition, it would be helpful to share information about how being denied entry to the United States causes the person a hardship whether because of persecution, illness, family ties, etc.

We stand ready to challenge detentions and denials of entry where possible to do so.

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