A Know Your Rights Guide for Black and Brown People for Police Encounters

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SAN FRANCISCO — History has shown time and time again that in the U.S., unarmed Black and Brown people have a far greater likelihood of being harmed or killed during encounters with law enforcement than white people.

In recognition of this fact, today, the ACLU Foundation of Northern California released a Know Your Rights guide designed specifically for people of color. It contains critical information they need to know about their constitutional rights during a police stop. It further provides important tips for interacting with law enforcement, whether someone is stopped while they are on foot, in their vehicle, or they have been detained at a police station.

“Given the endless cycle of police killings of Black and Brown people, it’s important for them not to only Know Their Rights, but to use sound judgment in exercising them,” said Marshal Arnwine Jr., a police practices and criminal justice associate at the ACLU Foundation of Northern California.  “Our goal is to provide a resource to the community that will help Black and Brown people protect themselves from harm during encounters with law enforcement.

Read the Know Your Rights for Black and Brown People in English and in Spanish.

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