Know Your Rights: Immigrant Safety in Public Spaces

Aug 30, 2018

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Plan, Prepare and Implement: Protecting Residential, Community and Health Spaces for Immigrant Communities

Knowing your rights as an individual can help you make better decisions in a stressful interaction with ICE or CBP. Being informed can also help you be aware of when your rights have been violated.

But what do you do when you’re the manager of an apartment complex, the receptionist of a local abortion clinic, or the community program manager at the local LGBTQ community center?

Increased immigration enforcement has resulted in greater concerns around immigrant communities being able to access health care, housing and community services. In the event of a raid or other immigration enforcement action, organizations that hold community spaces need to have proper policies, procedures and protocols in place.

Below you will find informative pamphlets on how to protect our immigrant community members who are accessing health care, community spaces, and residential settings. Each pamphlet includes information about planning, legal background, and sample messaging to keep community members safer if ICE or CBP agents show up on site.

Protecting immigrant community members