Young Legends

Who are "Young Legends?"

Young Legends are people between the ages of 14 – 26 who want to learn the skills to engage in the political process and advocate for themselves and their communities. Sound like you? Join our community to gain access to workshops, connections, and mentorship to take action and exercise your rights.

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2024 Campaign: Free to Learn, Free to Be in California's Schools

Here in California, we’re joining together and fighting for students’ freedom to learn and freedom to be their authentic selves at school. Because every student deserves to pursue their dreams and receive a great education that prepares them for the lives they want to build.
Are concerned about the recent rise in book bans, curriculum censorship, and policies that ostracize LGBTQ+ students and try to stop BIPOC students from organizing around their identities on your campus or at other schools. Join us in demanding school districts across California double-down on the commitment to all students and take a stand for the freedom to learn.

Young Legends Testimonials

Hear from some of our most dedicated Young Legends.

We took some time to talk with our most active Young Legends about their experience volunteering with ACLU NorCal and this is what they shared:

Andrei (they/them) is a student at UC Santa Cruz who is originally from San Francisco. They care deeply about how to show up as an ally and connecting with fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

  • Question #1 - Which if any issues that ACLU NorCal prioritized directly impacted you or your community?
  • Andrei's Answer - For me, joining a workshop where we used poetry to explore issues allowed me to reconnect with my love for the arts. Being an openly LGBTIQQ person, I feel that it is important to keep at the forefront.
  • Question #2 - What excites you about volunteering with the ACLU of Northern California?  
  • Andrei's Answer - I'm excited about how I can be involved in the legislative process, like phone banking constituents and directly lobbying our legislatures.  

Sophia (she/her) is a student at UC Berkeley where she co-leads the ACLU Cal Club. She is from Encinitas and is working toward her goals of attending law school. 

  • Question #1 - How have you utilized the skills and knowledge gained from our training and workshops in your everyday life?
  • Sophia's Answer - The leadership skills I have gained through working with ACLU NorCal translate into so many areas of my life. I know that I have become a more skilled and powerful advocate and learned so much about organizing and activism.
  • Question #2 - Which if any issues that ACLU NorCal prioritized directly impacted you or your community?
  • Sophia's Answer - As a young queer woman, I love that ACLU NorCal prioritizes fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, especially for students and youth

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