Don’t Let Your Privacy Rights Be Chipped Away!

Sep 16, 2008
Nicole A. Ozer

Page Media

ACLU of Northern CA

Would you allow a stranger to sift through your purse or wallet and take your driver's license? Would you want your children or grandchildren to tell passers-by on the street what school they attend or their student ID numbers?

Of course not. You know it is important to protect your and your family's personal information.

But any time that tiny computer chips called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are included in California IDs, like drivers' licenses, student badges, or medical and benefit cards, your and your family's personal information can be at greater risk of being read and recorded without your knowledge.

Anyone with an RFID scanner can read the data stored on insecure RFID chips, from a distance, without you ever knowing, exposing you and your family members to the risk of tracking, stalking, and identity theft.

For more information on SB 29 and SB 31, visit the Don't Chip Our Rights Away page on our Web site. You may also visit our legislation section to find out more about the other civil liberties legislation the ACLU is working on in Sacramento.