California State Capitol

Legislative Advocacy

The ACLU’s legislative work at the state and federal level protects and advances civil liberties. Our team of legislative advocates fight for your rights in Sacramento and Washington DC. In Sacramento, our legislative advocates and staff at the ACLU of California Center for Advocacy & Policy collaborate with other organizations and lawmakers to draft bills, coordinate with ACLU supporters, impacted communities, and coalition partners to lobby legislators, testify in support of bills, seek support from other groups, draft fact sheets and sample support letters, and provide communications and media support.


Transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) youth are significantly overrepresented in California’s foster care system. Unfortunately, some personnel, caregivers, and providers harbor biases and misinformation that jeopardize the health of these... Read more »
Californians deserve a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to law enforcement’s acquisition of surveillance technologies. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case in California, where law enforcement’s use of this technology invades our... Read more »
Transgender and nonbinary people in prison or jail are often placed in segregated housing and denied access to programs and parole opportunities. While this is supposedly for their own safety, isolating people and withholding critical resources not... Read more »
Courtesy Credit: Phuong Tran/ACLU
AB 3131 will ensure that Californians have a say over law enforcement agencies’ decisions to acquire military equipment by requiring public hearings before acquisition.Read more »
person being pulled over by the police via Shutterstock
Under AB 931, police would only be allowed to use deadly force if there were no reasonable alternatives available and if there was an imminent threat to the officer or another person’s safety.Read more »