Protect Rights of Workers in Hard-Hit Industries (AB 3216)

Author: Assemblymember Ash Kalra, co-author Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez

COVID-19 has inflicted devastating consequences on the health and financial stability of workers. Industries such as hotels, airport hospitality, event centers, and building services have laid off one-third or more of their employees. Workers in these industries are overwhelmingly women, people of color, and immigrants, who are already among the hardest-hit communities in this pandemic. These workers need a guarantee that their jobs will return when businesses re-open and that pandemic-related layoffs will not be used as an excuse to engage in discrimination or retaliation.

AB 3216 provides the right of recall and retention for workers who have been laid off in the heavily COVID-impacted industries of hotels, airport hospitality, event centers and building services.

Sponsors: ACLU of California, Legal Aid at Work, California Employment Lawyers Association, Equal Rights Advocates, California Work and Family Coalition, California Labor Federation, and Unite Here



Vetoed - Governor


Passed - Senate Floor


Passed - Assembly Floor


Approved - Assembly Appropriations Committee 


Approved - Assembly Labor Committee