Let's Make It Better for LGBT Youth

Oct 26, 2010
ACLU of Northern California

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ACLU of Northern CA

Your Rights, Your School was the ACLU in California's video contribution to the Make it Better Project, which was launched in response to tragic suicides by LGBTQ youth in recent weeks. Youth have the right to a safe and supportive school environment. No one should suffer through bullying and harassment. Don't just wait for it to get better - let's make it better together!

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Over the past month, a tragic rash of suicides of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people has shocked the nation.

No one should suffer through bullying and harassment. Public schools must protect students from harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity in California.

The reality is that anti-gay bullying happens everywhere, even close to home.

Let's make it better together!


  • Spread the word! (use the links above)

  • Stand Up! If you know anyone being harassed at school because they are (or are perceived as) LGBTQ - and their school isn't doing anything about it - have them call us at (415) 293-6372.