Constituent Changemaker

We're looking for Constituent Changemakers. Think you could be the perfect fit?

Legislators are selected by you and they should represent your community and your interests. Your voice is essential to ensure that the laws they pass lead to equity, justice, and opportunity, especially for the most marginalized Californians. 

Advocating to pass laws that protect civil rights is one way to bring about change in the lives of Californians. A bill will often undergo multiple changes from the time that it is introduced to actually becoming a law. Advocacy is needed all along the way to make sure that impactful bills become law. Oftentimes, it is the voice of everyday people in their communities that can push a lawmaker in the right direction. 

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2024 Volunteer Opportunities

Each legislative session, the ACLU works on a legislative agenda that moves our state forward by sponsoring bills to advance policy change on a broad range of issue areas. Below you'll find moments to support our efforts:

  • In-District Visits: Every year, the California State Legislature pauses for the summer. Official duties stop and legislators return to their home districts. This is when we mobilize and advocate for our priority bills! We need volunteers like you to join lobby meetings. Sound like the right opportunity for you? Express your interest by clicking here and we'll reach out.

When you hear "Constituent Changemaker," we want you to think of YOU!

Because it's that simple. You can advocate in your home district, at the Capitol, via text and so much more. We will provide trainings and information that help you prepare to take action. 

Need more encouragement? Hear from some of our most dedicated Constituent Changemakers.

We spoke with our most active Constituent Changemakers, Victor and Chowning, about their experience volunteering with ACLU NorCal. Chowning and Victor are long-time volunteers in their local chapters. They are Constituent Changemakers who have participated in multiple lobby visits and led teams of constituents as lobby captains. Here's what they shared:

Victor (he/him)

Question #1 - Please share why you volunteer to participate in the Annual Lobby Day and/or Summer Recess In-District visits? 

Victor's Answer - I am very impressed with how they share their personal experience that is relevant to the bills at hand, how we help one another, support one another, and learn from one another.

Question #2 - What does the phrase, “It’s a process” mean to you in terms of legislation? 

Victor's Answer - With a process, there are many steps, e.g. committee hearings and floor hearings.  At each step, there is opportunity for advocacy, e.g. community sign-on letter, public comments, lobby visits. 

Chowning (she/her)

Question #1 - What was your biggest ACLU NorCal legislative win and what was your role in that success?

Chowning's Answer - The passage of SB 2 in 2021 was a legislative victory that allowed for the decertification of abusive police. The law brought California in line with nearly every other state and was a step in the right direction for public safety to ensure that police engaged in serious misconduct cannot continue to work in law enforcement. My role in that victory included leading a group of community members to lobby our local legislators, informing them about the bill and encouraging them to vote for it. Our efforts were successful, as I believe both representatives voted in favor of the bill. 

Question #2 - How does the ACLU of Northern California equip you to participate in lobby visits?  

Chowning's Answer - The knowledgeable staff at the ACLU of Northern California have a deep understanding of the bills. They provide analysis of the legislation, key talking points, training, and are available to answer questions. Whether it is your first time lobbying or your fortieth, you are given the tools for a successful meeting with your legislator.