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Supreme Court to Review Case Affecting Internet Users

Apr 06, 2004
San Francisco - The California Supreme Court on Wednesday voted 7-0 to grant review of a case involving the issue of whether a 1996 federal law protects individuals from civil liability for re-posting a third-party’s statements on the Internet. The Supreme Court’s decision to review this significant issue will affect the free speech rights of Internet users.In the case of Barrett v. Rosenthal... Read More

ACLU and Fresno Residents Seek FBI Records Regarding Infiltration of Local Community Group

Jan 29, 2004
The ACLU of Northern California and members of a Fresno peace group filed requests today under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act seeking information about the government’s infiltration of a local peace group. The requests were filed with the offices of the FBI and U.S. Attorney, who maintain a Joint Terrorism Task Force with local law enforcement agencies in the Fresno area. Read More