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49ers Season Ticket Holders Challenge Pat-Down Policy at Monster Park

Dec 15, 2005
Two San Francisco 49er season ticket holders are challenging the new pat-down policy implemented by the 49ers this season. The ACLU of Northern California is representing Dan Sheehan, a season ticket holder for more than thirty-five years, and his wife Kathleen, who say their right to privacy under the California Constitution is being violated. The suit was filed today in San Francisco Superior Co... Read More

West Sacramento Residents Targeted by Gang Injunction Denied Their Day in Court

Jul 28, 2005
The ACLU of Northern California today filed a motion asking the Yolo County Superior Court to set aside a sweeping permanent injunction issued against alleged members of West Sacramento’s “Broderick Boys” gang on February 3, 2005. The motion was filed on behalf of residents who were never given any notice that the District Attorney was seeking to impose on them this permanent injunction during the... Read More

ACLU Challenges Unconstitutional Round Up of Union City High School Students

May 18, 2005
The ACLU of Northern California filed a class action lawsuit today challenging the unlawful round up of approximately 60 students at James Logan High School in Union City on February 22, 2002. The students were illegally rounded up, detained for up to two hours, searched, interrogated and photographed by Union City police officers and school officials. The information gathered from the students ap... Read More

Victory for Students, Parents and Civil Liberties Groups - Company Announces it will End Tracking Pilot Program

Feb 16, 2005
The Sutter-based company InCom announced last night, at a packed special school district meeting, that it would end its pilot program that required students to wear radio frequency identification badges that tracked the student's movements. The company pulled out when parents and civil liberties groups mobilized to end the program. On February 7, the ACLU of Northern California, Electronic Frontie... Read More