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Know Your Rights

The ACLU works with communities to make sure people are informed about their rights. When you know what the law says, you can better protect yourself, your family, and your community.
Esmeralda with her son
HELLO! Students Have a Right to Privacy in their Cell Phones
Police at School: Your Rights as a Student
Practical tips for students in California public schools when questioned, searched, or arrested by police at school. Basic DOs and DON’Ts when interacting with school police or School Resource Officers at your school.Read more »
La Policia de la Escuela y Tus Derechos Como Estudiante
Know your Rights – LGBTQ Youth in California Schools
Conoce tus Derechos – Jóvenes LGBTQ en las Escuelas de California
Conoce tus derechos: las medidas disciplinarias en las escuelas
Know Your Rights: School Discipline
This pamphlet is designed to help students and parents understand their rights regarding school discipline processes. It provides information about when and how a school can discipline a student and a student's specific rights during disciplinary...Read more »