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Catholic Charities of Sacramento Inc. v. The Superior Court of Sacramento County

Jan 18, 2001
California’s Contraception Equity Act is a protective health measure that promotes important workers’ rights. No constitutional principle prohibits Catholic Charities’ employees from receiving the protection this law affords to millions of workers throughout the state. The Women’s Contraception Equity Act (“Contraception Equity Act”) requires employment health insurance policies that include pr... Read More
ACLU of Northern CA

Google: Don't Close the Book on Reader Privacy

Mar 22, 2001
What you choose to read says a lot about who you are, what you value, and what you believe. That’s why you should be able to learn about anything from politics to health without worrying that someone is looking over your shoulder. The ACLU has fought alongside libraries and bookstores time and again to defend the privacy rights of readers. Now we need your help to protect reader privacy rights in ... Read More