On Probation? Off Parole? Off Any Other Community Supervision?

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Every Vote Counts

You have the right to vote.

There is a lot of confusion in California about the impact of a criminal conviction on voting rights. We have created this website to set the record straight.

Note: As of Aug. 6, 2015, people on mandatory supervision or post-release community supervision are allowed to vote!

In California, some criminal convictions have no impact on your voting rights at all. Other kinds of convictions may temporarily take away your right to vote. The only time you are not eligible to vote is when you have: 1) a felony conviction and you are still in state prison or serving your sentence in county jail under Realignment; or 2) when you are on parole. If you are on probation or if you have completed: parole, post-release community supervision, or mandatory supervision you CAN vote!

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The ACLU of Northern California launched the Every Vote Counts Campaign in 2008 in collaboration with All of Us or None, a project of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children. Members of All of Us or None are featured in the materials produced as part of this campaign.