DAs and Sheriffs: They Report to You

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DAs & sheriffs report to you

It's time to shift gears on criminal justice. Cast your vote for DA and sheriff on Nov. 4.

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A great deal of power and responsibility lies in the hands of district attorneys and sheriffs. Yet, most voters don’t pay close attention to these candidates. Many voters simply skip these boxes on the ballot. Even editorial boards of newspapers often do not bother to endorse sheriff or district attorney candidates. Without involvement from voters, community organizations, opinion leaders and the media, the immense powers that we put in the hands of DAs and sheriffs will go unchecked.

Many voters don’t realize that the district attorney and sheriff are two of the most powerful elected officials in the state.

The DA has the power to

  • Set the stakes by deciding what charges to file;
  • Choose whether to seek a death sentence;
  • Give someone a second chance by directing them to treatment or rehabilitation instead of jail;
  • Influence state policy;
  • Listen and respond to the community; and
  • Provide services to crime victims.

The sheriff has the power to

  • Run the county jail system;
  • Use alternative punishments to incarceration;
  • Minimize crime by providing opportunities for rehabilitation;
  • Influence state policy; and
  • Listen and respond to the community.

Now is the time to exercise your power to select, endorse, and vote for district attorney and sheriff candidates that speak for you and your community.

Learn more about these important elected officials.

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