ACLU Social Justice Conference 2012 by Laura Saponara

Criminal Justice and Drug Policy

The ACLU advocates for a criminal justice system that fosters public safety by reducing over-incarceration and recidivism. We work to ensure that constitutional rights apply to all, regardless of race, ethnicity or economics. We also challenge broken death penalty systems, confront illegal police practices, and advocate for drug policy reform.

Black man leaning with his hands on the side of a police vehicle.

AB 953 (signed) will curb racial bias in policing. Read more »

towns don't need tanks

Take a stand to de-militarize police! Take action »

know your rights with the police

What are your rights with the police? Read More »

Michael Scott

Victory: Voting rights restored for 42,000 ... Read More »

Justice statue in front of law books.
San Quentin
Ana Zamora
Last Friday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) made public proposed regulations on a new lethal injection protocol. This triggered the public comment period under California’s Administrative Procedures Act (APA),...Read more »
ICE officer
Changing Gears
San Quentin
SFPD body worn camera
County jail spending
Crime & Punishment in America: The Case for Redeeming Redemption
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