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Racial Justice

The ACLU works to stop discrimination based on race and ethnicity and to ensure equal opportunities for communities of color. We fight racial bias and advance civil rights.

Your Health Your Rights

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know your rights with the police

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The American Civil Liberties Union of California today called Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to veto AB1081, known as the TRUST ACT, a missed opportunity to protect Californians from unnecessary and unjustified detentions and deportations, but vowed to... Read more
The San Diego U.S. Attorney is treading dangerous legal ground with a legal opinion that seems to be threatening Del Mar city employees with prosecution if they comply with an ordinance on medical marijuana up for a vote in November. In a letter... Read more
Yesterday afternoon, the California State Senate approved the TRUST Act (AB 1081-Ammiano) with a vote of 21-13. Assemblymember Tom Ammiano is the bill's author; Sen. Kevin de León served as floor manager for the vote and presented the bill to the... Read more