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For decades, the ACLU Foundation of Northern California has used the courts to protect and expand the rights of all Californians. From fighting against the internment of Japanese Americans, to suing California Highway Patrol for targeting Black and Latinx drivers, the ACLU is building a more just state one lawsuit at a time.

Knight v. Schwarzenegger

Sep 08, 2004
Plaintiff Proposition 22 Legal Defense and Education Fund sued Governor Gray Davis (now Arnold Schwarzenegger) and other state officials for injunctive and declaratory relief seeking a determination that AB 205 was unlawfully enacted by the Legislature in violation of California Constitution, article II, section 10, subdivision (c), because it amends Proposition 22 but was not presented to the vot... Read More

Green v. Transportation Security Administration

Apr 06, 2004
Class action lawsuit to challenge the Transportation Security Administration's ("TSA's") administration and management of the "No-Fly List," a list circulated to commercial airlines and security personnel with instructions to detain and question any passenger whose name matches or is similar to one on the No-Fly List.The No-Fly List was implemented beginning in November 2001. Since then, it has re... Read More

People of the State of California v. George T.

Oct 23, 2003
This case raises fundamental issues of freedom of expression in the creative arts.Literary artists and organizations supporting literary artists filed an Amicus brief contending that creative works such as a poem or painting cannot, on their face, constitute a true threat. Only the circumstances surrounding the communication of a poem or other creative work can transform it from protected expressi... Read More

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project v. Shelley

Aug 06, 2003
This case challenged the threatened violation of the voting rights of thousands of California citizens, arising from the use of obsolete, unreliable, and discredited pre-scored punch card voting equipment in the election scheduled to take place on October 7, 2003 regarding the gubernatorial recall and the vote on Proposition 53 (Legislative Constitutional Amendment that would dedicate part of the ... Read More

International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 10 v. City of Oakland

Jun 26, 2003
This is a civil rights class action arising from unconstitutional and unlawful actions taken by the Oakland Police Department (“OPD”) in response to a peaceful nonviolent antiwar demonstration at the Port of Oakland on April 7, 2003. The named individual plaintiffs are demonstrators, legal observers, videographers, journalists, and dockworkers who were in the vicinity of the April 7th demonstratio... Read More

Clement v. California Department of Corrections

Jun 23, 2003
The landmark case Clement v. California Department of Corrections was brought on behalf of Pelican Bay prisoner Frank Clement by the ACLU Foundation of Northern California and the Prison Law Office. Clement filed a federal court challenge to the California Department of Corrections policy prohibiting inmates at the prison from receiving any mail that contains material printed from the Internet. A ... Read More

Castaneda v. The Regents of the University of California

Jun 18, 2003
Filed in 1999 on behalf of African-American, Latino, and Pilipino American applicants to UC Berkeley, Castaneda v. Regents of the University of California alleged that the university's admission procedures unfairly disadvantaged applicants of color in violation of their federal civil rights by not taking into account the full range of indicators of "merit." The parties were able to settle the case... Read More

Gordon v. FBI

Apr 22, 2003
The federal government settles a lawsuit that made public, for the first time, hundreds of records about the government's secret "No-Fly" list. Read More

Rodriguez v. CHP

Feb 27, 2003

Racial profiling by law enforcement has long plagued communities of color. The 2003 settlement in our racial profiling case established a moratorium on California Highway Patrol consent searches.

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