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Stingrays: The most common surveillance tool the government won't tell you about

STINGRAYS: The Most Common Surveillance Tool the Government Won't Tell You About

Jun 24, 2014
Federal and state law enforcement entities across the country are using a powerful cell phone surveillance tool commonly referred to as a “StingRay.”  These devices are capable of locating a cell phone with extraordinary precision, but to do so they operate in dragnet fashion, scooping up information from a target device, as well as otherwireless devices in the vicinity.  In addition, th... Read More
Metadata Piecing Together a Privacy Solution report cover

Metadata: Piecing Together a Privacy Solution

Feb 27, 2014
Our new policy paper, Metadata: Piecing Together a Privacy Solution, examines how outdated laws and new technologies combine to put personal privacy at risk and proposes a way forward to ensure that sensitive data of any type gets the protection it deserves. Read More
DA Sheriff Voter Toolkit

Voter Toolkit: DAs & Sheriffs Report to You

Mar 05, 2014
Question: Who are the most powerful elected officials most voters have never voted for? Answer: Your district attorney & sheriff. They speak for you, but what are they saying on these issues? Download this voter toolkit and vote on June 3. Read More
Costs and Consequences: The High Price of Policing Immigrant Communities

Costs and Consequences: The High Price of Policing Immigrant Communities

Jun 22, 2011
This report reviews both legal and policy considerations for police practices in immigrant communities – from traffic stops and unnecessary arrests to immigration-based detention in local jails, including vechicle checkpoints and impoundments. Details are included on the financial and human costs of these practices, including several personal stories.The report is accompanied by a summary of cost-... Read More